Shoe Sole Cleaner of Mirae SB


Requirement for Safe and
Healthy Indoor Environment!

Shoes Sole Cleaner “ShoeClean”

Why ShoeClean

Inevitable fear of virus! Requirement of New Normal Era!!
Increasingly serious environmental pollution is threatening our health with harmful substances causing different diseases. Invisible but many harmful substances are being brought by shoe soles to contaminate indoor environment. Just walk over ShoeClean at the entrances to keep clean and safety indoor space.

Shoes Sole ShoeClean

Features of Shoe Sole Cleaner, ShoeClean

The shoe sole cleaner, ShoeClean is a required hygiene, health, and environmental product protecting safe and hygiene indoor environment through powerful suction, UV-C, and double filtering of small foreign substances and viruses.

Requirement for Environment

This product is required to remove small pollutants and bacteria from shoe soles with antibacterial/sterilizing functions for cleaner and safer indoor environment.

Easy to Use

The shoe sole cleaner, ShoeClean is easy to install and use at entrances of buildings. Just walk over it.


- Cyclone function
- Antibacterial function
- Sterilization
- Double filter
- Voice alarm
- Lighting
- Powerful suction
- Low noise
- Integrated controller
- App management

Sophisticated Design and High Durability

Its modern, polished, and harmonious design highlights peripheral area. The material is highly durable against impact and corrosion.

Features of Shoe Sole Cleaner, ShoeClean

01. Cyclone for high water resistance and easy maintenance

02. Mat ball with 99.9% antibacterial activity

03. Built-in UV-C for 99.9% sterilization

04. Double filter (pre- and HEPA filters) for air purification

05. Voice alarm such as guide or greetings

06. Lighting for operational state indication and access guide

07. Improved suction with better adhesiveness between the mat and mat balls

08. Lower noise than daily noise

09. Integrated control for motor, sensor, lighting, voice alarm, and operation time

10. App control for all functions

Product and Specifications of Shoe Sole Cleaner, ShoeCleaner

■ Model name : ACM0615

■ Standard : 212×650×280mm                       600×1500×21mm

■ Model name : ACM0615-02

■ Standard : 250×700×300mm                       600×1500×21mm

■ Model name : ACM0615-07

■ Standard : 212×650×280mm                       800×1500×21mm

■ Model name : ACM0615-10

■ Standard : 212×650×280mm                       1000×1500×21mm

■ Model name : ACM0615-12

■ Standard : 212×650×280mm / 1200×1500×21mm

■ Model name : ACM0615-20

■ Standard : 212×650×280mm / 2000×1500×21mm

■ Model name : MSB-AFCM0812N(Sold out)

■ Model name : MSB-AFCM0823N(Sold out)

■ Model name : MSB-AFCM1512N(Sold out)

Suction of Shoe Sole Cleaner, ShoeClean

[Free from dirty pollutants on your shoes!]

When you step on the shoe sole cleaner, it will cleanly remove any dirt from your shoes.

Small contaminants, which are the causative substances, such as fine dust, which are harmful to the body, are collected inside a dust bag that has been used for a week.